Yacht Club Membership

Join our Yacht Club! The Honey By Kait Yacht Club Membership is your ticket to a season full of gold details, great discounts, free merch, and more surprises. Set sail with us and take 20% off all orders when you become a member. You will also be added to a Yacht Club Members only mailing list. Membership discount code can be used an unlimited amount of times throughout the season. Once purchased, your code will be emailed to you, which can be used at checkout to redeem your 20% off. You will also receive a free Yacht Club Hat with purchase of a Yacht Club Membership, and a hard copy of your card with your name on it. Available for a limited time only. This years Season Pass expires Nov 1, 2023.
Yacht Club Membership

Yacht Club Membership


Gold Details

Here at honey by kait we use high quality materials to curate our dainty gold details, which are loved by our honeybabes across the globe.

Made with love

Each order is made with love, and includes a free sticker plus a reusable jewelry box.

Affordable high-quality jewelry

All of our 2022 drops are 14k gold plated 925 sterling silver.

Customer satisfaction guranteed

Our #1 priority is our community of honeybabes, and our team is always happy to help.

Jewelry Care

See our reccomendations below on how to best care for your gold details.

Honey by kait pieces are made from 925 sterling silver, and plated with 14k gold. Because they are not purely solid gold, we strongly recommend to avoid wearing honey by kait in water or while exercising, as our pieces are gold plated and may tarnish over time when exposed to these conditions. It is also advised to avoid lotions and hand sanitizers.


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